Watch: Incredible glowing bug moves too lifelike to be just a puppet


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Wow that’s really incredible and very interesting puppet design for controlling it. The performance does seem very lifelike.


Barnaby Dixon’s work is all-around amazing:


Absolutely Amazing!


Wow, what an awesome puppet and performance… He makes what I’m sure is very difficult look effortless.


Human skill can still out-cute the best cuteness algorithm!


Interesting to watch my own mental processes here: I started watching the second video and my initial take was “nice but nothing special” - and then about thirty seconds in I realised I was the thinking of the puppeteer and the puppet as separate living creatures.


This is just scary realistic. I mean, I am already pretty sure that Walter and Peanut are alive, so this…


That “HA!” at the end. Good for him.

I found myself doing the same. I was aware of how little it mattered that I could see him, the mechanisms, and the technique behind the animation. Kind of cool how the brain helpfully plays along to get the most enjoyment out of the experience. Sort of like those dinosaur costumes where you can clearly see a pair of human legs in addition to the backwards raptor legs sticking out underneath but all you can think is “Holy crap a dinosaur is walking down the hallway!”

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