Watch Jaden Smith: Have you seen a better moonwalk since Michael Jackson?

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It’s at least as good as MJ’s in execution, but it’s by no means the best I’ve seen.

The perfect moonwalk should look like the person is trying to walk forward, like they’re walking on a treadmill that is being pulled backwards. In this way, I feel MJ kinda ruined the move by creating a new, inferior, standard.

Jaden Smith, living proof if your family has enough money and connections, you will make it in show business regardless of the level of talent possessed. I’ll pass on viewing the commercial merchandise.


Well, he is a space case.


I’ll stick with Key and Peele’s version of Jayden. It will be always better:


Meh. Let me know when Jaden Smith patents some shoes:

Still Neil Armstrong.


Now that I think about it, where was Puff when I needed beats?!

It was serviceable.

Real talk:

If anyone were to be the ‘heirs apparent’ to MJ’s throne, it would be Les Twins; at least when it comes to dancing:


Pretty bad. Pretty pretty bad. Looking back destroys the illusion and his movement was jerky and stilted. MJ got lazy near the end of his career but it never looked that bad.

How can moonwalking be real if our feet aren’t real?

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They seem good, but it’s hard for me to tell, what with the cameras and editor trying to dance along with them. (Urp!)

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That vid is 5 years old already, but it’s one of the better known MJ inspired routines that they do. There’s tons of clips of them all over the net, some which probably demonstrate their skills better.

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