Watch Jessica Williams’ moving speech from the Sundance Women’s March

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Wanna watch, but the wobblies are making me woozy. Isn’t it pretty easy now for someone to put together and post a stabilized version?


The visual part of it isn’t necessary for the message. Just listen, and you’ll be fine.


True. It’s actually more enjoyable without watching the video, because I can actually focus on what she was saying. The sound quality was better than I expected, so no complaints here.

The video quality reminds me of unstabilized camcorder footage of a school play, but the audio actually came through clearly. There’s a certain generation that grew up watching wobbly camcorder footage. Not me, because we were average,* but many in my age cohort or a little younger.

Jessica Williams and her mom both kick ass. It is hard to watch this video without getting a little fired up.

*sorry, couldn’t resist, but it’s true.

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