Watch John Lennon angrily argue with war reporter Gloria Emerson

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Emerson: [Sarcastically] Make it jolly.
John: I will make it jolly.
Yoko: Yes yes, you know, we have to make it jolly.
Emerson: Why?
John: We can’t all afford to be neurotic.
Yoko: If we all make it jolly then maybe we MIGHT STOP THE WAR, you know.
Emerson: By being jolly.
Yoko: Yes yes, because the thing is - when you’re happy and when you’re smiling, you don’t want to kill somebody do you? You know, it’s when you’re very serious you start to think about violence and death and killing. I mean, have you ever seen a person killing somebody with a smile on his face? and being happy? No, killers are unhappy people, and they are violent because they are so unhappy and so damn serious.
Emerson: Mrs Lennon, we are boring each other so I’ll go away. [Getting up to leave] Thank you - Goodbye.
John: [To Yoko] Well, I think that’s what you wanted.
Yoko: But the last point was a good point and she didn’t want to respond…
John: She didn’t hear anything.

Indeed, she didn’t hear anything…


What a twit. And she’s done what exactly?



he also delights in stating that Matthew Broderick killed two women with his car.

I didn’t know about this… that’s tragic. Jennifer Grey was in the car with him and basically ended her career because of the accident.


Tone deaf journalist, please say it ain’t true.


" If he really wanted to stop the war in Vietnam, all he had to do was tell the U.S. Army he wanted to go there to entertain the troops. Many entertainers did. And it would have thrown the army into the most extraordinary panic. I think he could have stopped the war if he had gone."

In what world would that have happened??

Most likely they would have declined the offer. Or he would have gone and either jammed out with the soldiers or booed off stage. Or some awkward middle ground. It wouldn’t have stopped anything.


somebody really has to 'splain that one to me.


Want to hear what it sounds like when an interviewer actually listens without prejudice? This interview was conducted by a 14 year old around the exact same time and as part of the same peace promotional world tour John & Yoko were in the midst of.

And apropos of everything:


Millions of people across the US marched against the war in Vietnam. The people running the war did not care. But this reporter thinks that if John Lennon had just gone to entertain the troops there, it would have stopped the war?


Probably not beaten her wife, at least…

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kind of a weird way to commemorate the anniversary of his murder, but i’ll take it, i guess.


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