Watch Joy Reid destroy claim that Clinton helped sell uranium to Russians




Okay but pizzagate pizzagate pizzagate


You’re watching the Good Place, I take it?

Because that sounds like “a classic Shellstrop.”


Absolutely delightful!


Ari Fleischer is also good at this when it comes to guests spouting bullshit. And he’s highly entertaining, with a deep knowledge of cool music.




For me, Joy Reid’s handling of Kerns was a joyride.


This is true! It is all in her email. It is in the ones hidden by Moose and Squirrel!



Reality can sometimes be a powerful thing.


Same as it ever was.


Why the US is in Niger.


If Vladimir Putin’s rogue state gets its hands on URANIUM then in only a few years it may be able to CONSTRUCT A NUCLEAR WEAPON!!


Really? Did you forget the whole (mispelled) “reset button” thing? Putin played the whole Obama administration like a fiddle


Her whole “takedown” hinges on no-one being able to play the long game. As if Putin isnt willing to plan out years in advance.


From that well known hive of alt-right crackpottery, the New York Times.


Focus, people! By preventing so many AIDS deaths, the Clinton Foundation denied thousands (perhaps more!) souls for the Worm God.

The Worm God is the real victim here.


This nation cannot afford a Mine Shaft Gap.


Joy Reid is about the only journalist that I consistently admire. In fact she and her team are the hardest working people that I know of. She is on anytime Chris or Rachael need a break…she is always prepared and she don’t take no shit talk.



We had a term for this lame distraction ploy being used by Fox/republicans, it was The Chewbacca defense ( In brutal summary, you confuse the whole matter by adding random additional observations to the argument until your audience is convinced that everything they’ve witnessed makes no sense. The assumption being with enough nonsensical overload they can’t keep straight which side has introduced sensible complexity and which side has just blathered a bunch of old already discounted lies about Hillary. Look for Fox news talking heads to insist that there’s no conclusive proof that Hillary wasn’t in back of the ‘Access Hollywood’ bus!