Watch Joy Reid destroy claim that Clinton helped sell uranium to Russians


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Flame thrower burn, ouchie.


Well, uh… yeah.


If this was true, he’d probably have helped her, vs hinder her. Clinton was a thorn in Russia’s side while she was Secretary of State.




It is a pleasure to see her do her job, which in this case is the job of the entire media. I wonder when they all delegated it to her? They sure don’t seem interested in doing it themselves.


A wild story appeared. Joy Reid used facts. It’s super effective!


Could not have been done better in a courtroom. Too bad it wasn’t required viewing at the White House and on Britebart today.




You know why it’s called Fake News? Because Bullshit was already taken!


facts are simple and facts are straight
facts are lazy and facts are late
facts all come with points of view
facts don’t do what I want ‘em to
facts just twist the truth around
facts are living; they’re inside out
facts are getting the best of them
facts are nothing on the face of things


They would also have you believe that Russia is taking away all our uranium, but the NRC has to approve all export of uranium, and the deal only allows it to be exported to Canada for processing. The US only produces about 5% of the world’s uranium as well, so US power companies actually buy most of their uranium from foreign sources. Chances are Rosatom wanted a piece of Uranium One because it also has operations in Kazakhstan, where much of the world’s uranium comes from-- it’s not about stealing US uranium, it’s about getting at Kazakh uranium.

Do I also need to point out that only a few months ago Trump was talking about how great the Russians are and how we should have closer relations with them? Perhaps that’s why this wasn’t a controversy back during the campaign when it first came out, Trump couldn’t make hay of it while also offering to kiss Putin on the lips and/or buttocks.


Still, it has the appearance of terrible conflict of interest that way over $100 million got dumped to Clintons’ charity from parties involved, while she was Secretary of State. That is a huge amount of money, and I do not buy that it came from the sense of charity for the good of humanity of those donors. They expected favorable treatment from the gov’t and got it.


Holy fucksocks;

Joy went all ‘Annalise Keating’ on that ass, with the rapid fire questions and not waiting for any bullshit non-answers to be fully articulated in an attempt to derail the conversation. She stayed on the message like a beast.

I haven’t seen a journalist do that in ages:



Huh. The Talking Heads are not the most easily applied band for quotes. Bravo!

  1. We know for a fact that the Clintons themselves made no money from the Clinton Foundation from that donation - because we’ve seen the Clintons’ tax returns for years and they made exactly $0 from the CF.

  2. We know for a fact that the CF spends it’s money in above-board ways, because we have seen it’s documentation for years now also and it’s entirely public, and is consistently given A ratings as a non-profit, i.e. better than the American Red Cross.


Except the overwhelming majority (as in "more than $100 million) came from someone who had sold all his shares in Uranium One before Clinton became Secretary of State, and years before the Rosatom deal was even proposed. Maybe he got some other quid pro quo, but it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Uranium One.


As my new favorite sitcom character would say, “BOOM motherforker!”


Of course, if you actually watched the video you would have heard Joy Reid debunk the very part you are so worried about.


Did anyone else feel like smacking Kerns with a wet fish every time she smiled and nodded her head while Reid was asking her about the most nefarious acts?

“Would you say” smile, nod, nod, “that watching President Trump” nod, smile, nod “tear out the heart of an intern” nod, nod, smile “and sacrifice it to Kali” smile, nod, smile “was normal behaviour?” smile, nod, launches into tangential point involving Hillary Clinton.