Trump calls for nuclear rearmament


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This was one of the things he was harping on during the campaign, he even brought up his major missile envy with Russia during at least one debate, but the media and social networks had a certain way of making his promises to be the death of us all seem unreal or contingent or liminal, and also roughly equally and important to Clinton sometimes using the wrong email client.



I really, really want to believe that this is just another instance of him mindlessly babbling and that, much like building the wall or prosecuting Hillary or completely dismantling Obamacare, this is just another thing that Can’t Happen and that he’s only saying because it “plays well” (and that thus serves as a useful distraction from something slightly less terrible).

Might as well link to John Oliver’s piece again:

If the whole program is in that much of a shambles, then maybe it will take more than four years to get it properly modernized and/or reach a point where some careless IT blunder might lead to, shall we say, very interesting times?


Yet another colon-tightening moment.


It’s sad that the American people have to be torn apart by something as simple as wild dogs.


Shall we play a game?


Really excited about the Doomsday Clock making it to 11:59:59 by Inauguration Day.


This isn’t too surprising. Even Obama has been a bit of a nuclear hawk, despite his claims to the contrary:


Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,

Another in the long line of Not Instruction Manual



How many Russian and or Chinese subs will be off the coast of Virginia on inauguration day?



I know why nobody has come back from the future. It’s because there isn’t one.


Well the Russian subs have to salute the new puppet…Um I mean “president” of the USA.


At least >0. Hopefully they will save us from ourselves. I am sure that no one will want to nuke the republic of Oregon.


We had a good run.


And the NeverHillary crowd continues bleating about her warmongerdom.


And this from the guy that wants to do away with (or hire a guy to do away with) DOE. Maybe he will outsource bombmaking to China. Or get them wholesale from Russia.


the cockroaches and rats are rooting for us.


Uhh, I don’t think a genuine nuclear hawk would work at all to reduce the arsenal. A drop is still a drop (read: reduction). The hawk would work for an increase, I would think.


That orange ass puppet is going to get us all killed.

I never thought that we would have a good chance to see a nuke go off in our lifetime but here we are.

Have we learned nothing?