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You missed that time on Monday morning that it didn’t work. Maybe @beschizza edited the post to fix it, or maybe it was a temporary glitch with Discourse, but at the time I wrote that there was no link in the Show Full Post version of the post while there was a link on the actual BoingBoing post.


Oh suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure fiddingfrog, suuuure there was a problem. :wink:


Going back to this readability problem…

This conversation:

only shows “GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER” when you click on Show Full Post.

But the article:

clearly contains more (2 images, 16 plaintext words, 6 linked words). In fact this is the longest article I’ve seen readability fail on.


So, do you get the newsletter?




New record:

An embedded image and 54 plaintext words becomes “GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER”.


been noticing this a lot, lately, too.

ETAT: w/r/t Israel B below, yes, I’m FF on OSX


Problem comes and goes with any version of Safari (OSX/IOS) or Firefox on OSX.


Also with mobile browsers. I do a lot of my surfing on my Samsung Galaxy s4 stock browser (TunyBrowser?) and find the “newsletter” message more than I’d like.


Doesn’t work on mine either:


I thought it was an on-purpose. It seems consistent with across posts and, unlike most of my Chrome issues (which are plenty :angry: and not Discourse specific) behaves the same whether my Chrome instance is fresh or stale.

Though this doesn’t feel like a browser or platform-specific issue. I experience it extensively on Chrome on Mac OS X and, as often as I use my phone to Discourse, Chrome on Android (Lollipop, Moto X gen 2). I don’t BBS often enough from any of my Windows PCs to recall but I can test Saturday on my desktop if desired.


This is an edge case, but also really kind of awesome.

Points to a pre-discourse post on BoingBoing. The content of that post is really short, just twenty words which we know Discourse has trouble with, so it’s expected that Show Full Post won’t actually show that post. What’s surprising, however, is the nearly 700-word reply that Discourse does display as the Full Post.

So I dug a bit and it looks like the post page still has the old pre-Discourse comments buried in the HTML, but not displayed. What Discourse shows as the Full Post here isn’t the first comment, nor the first lengthy comment, but a comment nearly 100 comments deep into the thread


Fascinating. My guess is that comments are in the html, I just hid them with CSS to avoid actually fixing a problem with pre-discourse comments. And the scraping library discourse uses can see … something… insteresting.



Fooking DUH!!!

If you post as the creator of a thread you should have the fooking thing posted in full when someone views it without having to click to show the full post, if you’ve already been interested enough by the title of the thread to fooking click on it in the first fooking place? Boolocks.


in this comments thread from @beschizza post:

Show Full Post seems to be showing something from the comments. I think it’s actually this comment


If you’re having issues seeing the original post I was replying to, looks like they deleted it.

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


So, on that post, what do you see if you click “Show Full Post…”

because what I see is this:


It’s tough for the “readability” heuristic to grab anything when there is very little content.


fair enough. Just seemed odd that something from the middle of the comments thread was being displayed in Show Full Post.

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