Trump calls for nuclear rearmament


Do you mean, the Chinese to attack, and the Russians to celebrate?


Not impressed with his interference in US foreign policy before his term starts, either.


The NK sub they towed over to do the job so they both might celebrate.


Are you implying that replacing nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz with anti-science DOE foe Rick Perry could somehow compromise our nation’s nuclear capabilities?


Uhh, I don’t think a genuine nuclear hawk would work at all to reduce the arsenal. A drop is still a drop (read: reduction). The hawk would work for an increase, I would think.

I don’t know… reduce the arsenal by 5%, spend a trillion dollars to make the left-overs more effective…

Can we at least agree that he’s not a dove?


I don’t think Trump has any more idea about what the DOE is for than he does about the role of the HUD Secretary.


But HUD is “Urban”. Obviously we need to appoint a… well, you know. An urban-type.


Is anybody still surprised by this?
Luckly it will take more than the few months untill he is impeached to stack up the nuclear arsenal.


Ain’t no time to wonder why. Whoopee!


Has he made any pronouncements on the subject of precious bodily fluids yet?


Yes, but fluoride had nothing to do with them.


The thing that absolutely kills me is that there is no rebuttal or push back of ANY sort from ANYbody in government to his mad statements. And worthless letters from Sanders and or Warren don’t mean anything.

In case you were hoping for impeachment well, it would have to get thru a Republican controlled house and well, good luck with that.


Yes. The real problem with the last election was that there weren’t a few more people who thought “gee, one candidate is a homicidal maniac but there are some things I don’t care for in the other one. I guess I’ll just try to convince everyone that there’s no difference between them and maybe an incompetent physician could get elected instead.”


I think the Republicans are hoping to impeach Trump, because they’d love Pence in that seat. They just need a face-saving way of getting there, and Trump seems to be complying.


This is what happens when you put someone suffering from impotence in a position of power.


Oh, I would be suprised if he is still in office by summer. Lets not forget that there are more than enough republicans that hate his guts and would support an impeachment as soon as (not if) he does something national security endangering and/or unconstitutionally stupid.
Oh, and then there is the CIA, they hated him before, but he has now pissed them off by dismissing and basically insulting their competence in public. I wouldn´t be suprised if he has an “accident” or suddenly passes away from a “heart attack”.
As it stands I don´t see him being president for more then a year.




Well, he does surround himself with Birchers…


Who? No. They fucking LOVE him.

He’s letting Pence and co slam through every dream they’ve ever had while he does stupid shit that distracts the media.

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