Watch "Karens Gone Wild!"

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This Karenavirus is really getting out of control.


This made me curious whatever happened to Joe Francis, the all-around scumbag who created the Girls Gone Wild series. Apparently the answer is “currently laying low in Mexico after failing to comply with his bankruptcy agreement.”

May he live long enough for karma to exact its due.


I feel a little bad…my ex-girlfriend was named Karen and from what I hear, she’s turned out to be exactly like this.


feel good that you moved on in time

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I may or may not have spent weeks listening to some of the r/entitledparents r/idontworkherelady and r/idoworkherelady mini podcasts on youtube recently.

There’s something about this page that doesn’t want to let me return to boingboing; it just keeps on loading ads.

I just checked. Although Karen seems to be a common name, a search for it on both DuckDuckGo and Google brings only results related to its meaning as pejorative term. Not a single popular person with that name among the first page results, although it was among the most common names in the 60s; the meme is spreading wildly!
I wonder how many nice intelligent women who just happen to be named Karen will apply for a name change in the next years.


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So what is the most popular male counterpart to Karen name?

So far I’ve seen Kent and Chad. I thought about Chuck, but I don’t want to sully my memory of Charlie Brown.

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Kevin is used in the video. I’ve also seen Ken. It does seem weird that we have more female-name memes for this stuff, at least as far as I know. There’s the Felicia, Becky, Karen…Permit Patty comes to mind.
Has anyone seen some male memes for the brutal cops we see beating and gassing demonstrators? Or even the oddly angry male antimaskers?

ETA: I realize Felicia isn’t necessarily related to the others, just included as one that I hear that is female oriented.

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I’m willing to run with “Kevin”. It’s obviously close to “Karen”, similarly middle/lower class, and smears the white-entitlement more “equitably” across the gender line to a more deserving side.

I can’t quite get behind the others.
Chad is a whole other incel phenom/myth.
Kent definitely sounds entitled but in a country estate rather Country Buffet sort of way.

Oh, please. My given name is Kevin, and I already suffer from Kevinism, and the stereotype “Kevin isn’t a name; it’s a diagnosis.” Do I now have to have my name label the brutal cop as well as the stupid Ossi?

Of course, the whole point of these ‘cops’ is that they’re nameless. To their victims, they present a facade that is more machine than man. If we do choose a name, how about Horst (after Horst Wessel)?

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“So bona to vada. oh you
Your lovely eek and
Your lovely riah”

Seriously? You’d rather hang out in an airport eating craptastic food and overpriced drinks and deal with airlines finest staff in order to purchase or rebook a new flight with the real possibility of never getting to your destination on time?

Sobeit Karen. FO

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