Introducing "Karen: The Musical"

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PSA: Concerned about the use of the name “Karen” to describe this kind of behaviour? The BB community has thoughtfully provided a place for you to clutch your pearls without de-railing this topic. You’re welcome.


Oh, one of my favs, Pinchy Talking Fingers Lady, a true oldie but a goldie. The talent it takes to simultaneously speak English and work your hands into pinching the air mimicking your speech, now that’s something.


With that musical accompaniment, I was thinking more: Karen: The Opera


It comes from the film “Mean Girls” where one of the characters is simultaneously arrogant, bullying, privileged, and utterly ignorant. Her character in the film is called “Karen”. Here’s a clip from the film which shows her in character.

Yes, it’s unfair to people called Karen, but that is society, people and the evolution of language for you. Consider the term “Wally”, which in UK English is a term for someone regarded as a hopeless waste of space. I’m told this derives from a Pop Concert on the Isle of Wight, when some poor lost soul wandered around in the night, calling for his friend “Wally!”. Unfair to anyone named Walter, but there you are. You might as well try to hold back the tide.

Not vastly keen on the music above, but LOVED the ending!


Seeing it set to music made it click for me: this is how she talks to at pets, and she’s accustomed to getting results just from the tones. There’s a pomeranian somewhere that has learned to feign attention to these squawks and chirrups if it wants to get left alone.





Delicious schadenfreude aside, doesn’t appear to be a necessary arrest. Seems much like a “I don’t like it anymore” tipping point that more often swings the other way, against minorities. It needs to stop.

Excuse Me Reaction GIF by One Chicago

The people who called the police disagree.

So, we should not arrest white people who are harassing others, because America is racist? Am I reading that right?


In this scene, a maskless Kara Bell berates a Texas school board about them teaching anal sex in middle school. If the parent here looks familiar, surprise, it’s maskless Karen from the Nordstrom Rack video above.

It’s really not surprising that someone who is an irrational asshole is going to be an irrational asshole in multiple contexts (and, these days, get videoed being such), but part of me is tickled by the idea that all these various videos of “Karens” are all of the same person. I mean, gods, I wish American only had a couple assholes making life difficult for everyone else…


The ur-Karen, the living breathing archetype who assumes many forms.


Sometimes they are.


I normally avoid these videos like the plague because really, who needs their day ruined by hearing these whiny entitled mouth breathers? But yeah, the ending on this one was worth the wait!!

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She’s also in different source videos having different kinds of fits, too. So she’s really multiplying in the “meme” space.

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No (respectfully) I don’t think you are as my mistrust is about cop’s judgement generally. I don’t trust cops at all, generally, to make a judgement on when it’s ‘needed’ (subjective moment) to intervene physically (i.e. put hands on). Nor do I have complete trust in cops to apply their powers on a broad definition of harassment. Was it a lawful arrest? Yep, probably. The woman was a garbage person shit bag. Perhaps a history of harassment or physical threats were things the video doesn’t show, who can say. But I don’t trust cops more. It’s reasonable to me those two things can be true simultaneously.

So, what, in your judgement should we do with people like this? Because as long as there are no legal consequences for their actions, they’ll continue to make the world a worse place for the rest of us. Just let her go, because YOU don’t trust the cops? What about the next woman like this, who calls the cops herself and gets someone else killed?

If we don’t let people like this know that their behavior is unacceptable, by calling in the forces that they very much believe are on “their” side in these struggles, how are we to deal with this? Or do we not, and just keep spiraling downward and until we’re all fucked. What do we do then? Because that’s where we are headed IF WE DON’T START PUSHING FOR REAL WORLD REFORM, which includes pushing the police to actual protect and serve the public.

Look… I get your skepticism about the cops. I agree with it. But complete dissolution of our society is not an option here, which is the ultimate choice between reform and completely opting out. The woman in question got a dose of reality when the cops arrested her, because she believes that they would not arrest a white woman (see the real estate agent that said the same thing about her jail time sentence in regards to the insurection).


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