Watch kids react to the original Transformers cartoon series

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“This is not the Transformers I know!”


“They shouldn’t even be called Transformers, I mean, look at them, they’re just like evil looking robot guys. Back then, they really deserved the name Transformers”



Ecclesiastes 1:9


Ground Hog Day kid is going places.


Have rewatched the original Transformers with my own kids. It’s not good and never made any sense. They liked it, though, so there’s that. Favorites are Grimlock, Soundwave and of course OP.

Also, the ninja robot girl one is disappointing on many levels. She’s voiceless and gets packed into a box at the end. Bastards.

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I never liked the TV series, but you can have my Marvel UK comics when you can pry them from my cold dead hands.

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They missed a trick or two


Why throw away your life so recklessly?

That’s a question you should ask yourself Megatron.

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Best. Soundtrack. Evar.


Oh man I paid money to see that in the theater… It was fun at the time.

It’s almost sacrilegious to watch it again, the reality can never match my memories for epicness.

My favorite bit is still Starscream booting Megatron out the spaceship.


Or the whole ‘You got the touch sequence’, the fight scene is ingrained into my mind, especially the opening moments with the synths.

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Did they like that old school tape recorder and the casette tapes? :wink:

UK? Are they different from US?

I believe that the UK version was weekly, and the US one was fortnightly (or something like that) and in between the Bob Budiansky US written stories, Simon Furman wrote a load of extra ones for the UK comic. (this is from memory, so it’s probably wrong).

Anyway, since I’m British, the Marvel UK ones were the ones I read (and apparently still have at my parents, including an issue #1 - sadly nothing like pristine), and they had some stories not in the US version.

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These kids seem pretty articulate and observant, I thought kids were supposed to be stupid. Anyhoo I liked the dude that turned into a cassette boombox (soundwave?) because he was a shrill usurper who seemed to just get on all the decepticons nerves. “I WANT TO BE LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS!” turns into boombox

I believe you are confused. Soundwave wasn’t the shrill usurper, that was Starscream (who turned into a jet).

And yes, the Transformers movie was probably the high point of my childhood movie memories.

They do – but we have a tape deck that they record silliness on, so that part wasn’t a surprise. And it is totally possible to enjoy Rescue Bots at the same time. We haven’t seen the new movies.

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Oh ya, cheers. I am not that familiar with the world of transformers but I do wish I’d known the universal greeting when I was younger.