Watch: Mama dog protects pup in the most adorable way


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Taking the day off, called in well, spending it with my new pup. Life ain’t so bad after all…


Just gotta say, this video is mislabeled: It’s the pup’s father, not the mother.

Hooray for Dads!



adorable - adj.
See: Golden Retriever


It sounds kinda like she is giving a repeated command. So it could be reacting to the command, not the “harsh tone”.


(and still be adorable. That’s my girl!)


Cartoon dog protects cartoon cat. Cartoon adorable.


That translates as “the puppy stew needs one more ingredient.”


Ha! That dog mom looks terrified for her pup! Hilarious!!


Behind the clickthrough, there are a few videos of people making threatening gestures towards kids and babies, making the pets freak out and go into protective mode.
Not sure if I’m pleased with how these animals are being stressed and manipulated to produce clickbait.


I was thinking “Come on, it’s time for him to lose his balls.”


No wonder, we keep taking puppies away from their parents when they are too young to be separated. :slightly_frowning_face:


I was going to say the exact same thing. She is issuing commands. The motions of daddy dog are not natural.




Agreed. That was really a bit contrived. It’s like watching a movie in which Shirley Temple attempts to approximate the movements and speech of a real human child.


I have a 90-pound one that likes to sleep on my bed between me and my wife.

Sometimes I think of her as a “Cockblocker Spaniel.”


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