Watch: Man has fist fight with kangaroo who tried to snatch his pups

Will Emus do?

Yeahhh, unless the kangaroo was a drunken bro, it’s a little too much down-punching for me.

This isn’t a rerun from six years ago, is it?

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Yeah. They do that.


They’re also known for disembowelling victims with their kicks.

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These things have a way of bouncing back again.

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I’m not sure about dogs, but when I was in Perth I wanted to go and have a look at the kangaroos in the park down the road from where we were staying. One of the locals told me about how the roos absolutely mess people up if they get too close, especially if there are joeys about. Kangaroos are bad tempered, as well as being huge and fast and strong.

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