Watch man ram skid loader into cars and police cruiser in Home Depot lot

Originally published at: Man smashes skid loader into cars - Boing Boing

From a bystander in the video after he runs the bucket into the side of the police SUV.

“Oh this guy has fucking had it man.”

Honestly, I am a bit surprised the cops were not more trigger happy.

And I am pleasantly surprised the type of construction machinery was properly identified (or at least close enough).


The very definition of “fun while it lasted”


Hmm, I wonder…(Googles his mugshot)…yep, he’s white! I am not surprised the cops weren’t more trigger happy.


I’ve only rented them a few times, but skidsteers are kind of fun. I was never tempted to take out vehicles with it though - at least not on purpose.

This guy is no Marvin Heemeyer.

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That thing moves scary fast. I’d hate to be out there being chased by it. Like, if it was a main battle tank it wouldn’t have that dozer blade, and you could hope to roll underneath the middle of the hull and not get squashed.

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The utterance of “gunshots, gunshots” as the crowd parts to creat a shooting corridor at the end of the video is peak America.

Yeah, it certainly wasn’t a killdozer.

Glad this guy was taken in peacefully rather that fight it out to the bitter end.


What the hell is wrong with people?

Perfectly good lift bucket on the front of that thing and he didn’t even TRY to flip the cop car. It’s like he’s just not taking this thing seriously.


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