Gentleman fights excavator


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Came to say that, but you beat me, so I’ll see your Quixote and raise you a Dali.


Finnish Him!


It does take stones to try to stop construction.


Definitely the hardest boss in Farm Simulator '15.


Shit, do no read the comments.

Also - any info on why the guy was upset? Or was he just drunk or something?


oh…oh my…oh dear, you were not kidding. For anyone that thinks this is a “wink, nudge, haha, funny, off-kilter youtube comments await you!” kinda warning, spoiler alert, they are all frighteningly, casually, violently, and specifically (not just general, tourrettes-y epithet-laden) racist, homophic and xenophobic…damn.


The first rule of YouTube is you do not read the comments.

The second rule of YouTube is YOU DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS.


Hell, I’ll throw one in, too. Better late than never.


I love that musical…


It keeps me slightly saner.


Never miss an opportunity for wild speculation! It might be our rock-thrower…

  • is upset about the development project in his neighborhood
  • has personal beef with the excavator’s operator
  • is on PCP and believes the excavator to be a giant were-marmoset
  • just dislikes excavators


I don’t think suggesting he might be drunk is a wild spectulation.

A wild speculation would be something like, “Does he know that there is a race of mole people, waiting just under neath, ready to enslave the over world? All they need is for someone to crack open the seal to unleash their hordes? Maybe this guy was just trying to save humanity?”


I’ll see your Dali and raise you a Munroe :wink:


I have a chrome extension that replaces all the youtube comments with the words “herp derp”.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as berating you for speculating. I’m curious, as well.


Bonus points: if you look closely, Munroe drew Dali’s version!