Gentleman fights excavator

Or that biblical story.

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I’m pretty sure that must be it.

Those people just have too many vowels.

Way more vowels than is good for them.

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Or perhaps just, “Because Finland.”

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They should perhaps set up an exchange with Bosnia.

An angry shirtless man. It’s like a episode of Cops.


the gentleman saw a frightening metal beast swallowing a poor guy and tried to free him. it’s obvious at the end: the guy was able to free himself (looks like he cut himself out of the stomach) and suddenly the gentleman relaxes and follows voluntary the two nice blokes in matching outfits

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I’ve had people complain that my computers all adblock YouTube comments.


Did you notice how the police didn’t pull out their guns or yell at the man?


Yeah. They didn’t even shock, beat, flashbang or blow him up. It’s so weird seeing first world police at work from my US perspective. It’s almost like those police are competent, compassionate and actually want to solve problems instead of being bent on dominating every human and animal they meet.


Policing in the US has been problematic for some time. It completely went off the rails when everything got couched in “us vs them” and “war on X” terms. So, basically a long slow decline since the 60’s.


dangit you guys are too quick!

like an excavator that keeps swiveling to block incoming rocks!

Maybe this is what’s going on in the gentleman’s head?

You mean the one about the demon-possessed boy and his animal familiar that he talked to?

This is like when you come across a boss in a game that has easy-to-avoid attacks but each of your hits only knocks a few pixels of his health bar. Man, this is gonna take a while.

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