Watch Mark Hamill host the TV premiere of Star Wars (1984)


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After party “force” not for children.


I remember when my friends and I predicted that it would be at least twenty years before Star Wars was shown on television. Funny. We only had to wait seven…actually less since it appeared on cable, commercial free, years before that.


They just had to go and hire an actor who happens to look like Luke Skywalker?


anyone happen to know what happened to the Steuben family and their collection, before i resort to digging in internet rabbit holes myself?


I love the disco Star Wars theme remix


Considering how much Star Wars ripped off those movies of the past, it’s small wonder Mark Hamill makes such an abrupt u-turn.


Do the on-air networks still air major motion pictures? My Betamax is curious.


There is no such thing as “Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.” That is yet another of Lucas’s unfortunate retro-fixes, like Han shooting second. There is only “Star Wars.”


I had this on vinyl and can only say I was too young to know about taste and it was a giveaway. I kinda want a copy now to revel in the total cheese of it.


True, Star Wars is quite derivative. Lucas admittedly ripped off Kurosawa, who ripped off Shakespeare, who ripped off the novella writers who ripped off Boccaccio, who ripped off Petrus Alphonsi, who ripped off the Thousand and One Nights, which is a collection of tales ripped off from countless sources. It’s rip offs all the way down!


That’s true. I was more amused by the quote stating there’d been nothing like it, before immediately comparing it to things it was like.


I had that t-shirt, I loved that song, and I did that hustle.


This would destroy dance floors these days, if mixed in correctly and with just the right amount of irony


I am no DJ but I would have to agree. On the other hand I honestly want to see someone do a ‘what if Tomita composed star wars’ album.

Because honestly I think that’d hold up just as well as the John Williams score. Then again there is a ‘grindhouse’ cut of the original star wars (google ‘War of the Stars’) and it uses Tomita in points (Kosmos and Mars.) It works wonderfully.


honestly my pref would be a hard minimal techno star wars remix… hmm, probably already been done, now that I think about it…



Damn, I’d pay for that.

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