Watch: Michael Bloomberg greets a dog by shaking his, uh, mouth

I’ve grabbed a dog’s snout before, for values of “before” = “earlier today.” Look, it’s just easier to reach than a paw on something the size of a German Shepherd.

It’s really not such a weird behaviour. If you and the dog know each other, the dog really doesn’t seem to find this objectionable.


Yes, some friendly dogs like putting your hand in their mouth as a sign of trust, bit it still should be their choice. Also far too many people pat dogs on top of the head. Dogs lern to tolerate it but IMHO prefer to be scratched on the side of the head. A pat on the head is more dominant than friendly.

He owned a brace of Labs when he was mayor, so he’s not entirely unfamiliar with dogs.

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I hope he doesn’t try that with an aggressive breed, or one who isn’t socially inclined

The Far Side, by Gary Larson


Came here to write this.

Dogs generally DO NOT like their paws mussed with.

Ears? LIKE!

Rough around their muzzle? A LITTLE WEIRD BUT HEY I LIKE WEIRD MAN HA HA!

My dog greets people by shoving her muzzle in their crotch. Thankfully most people are ok with it. It would be interesting to see Bloomberg try that with a dog.

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