Big, sweet dog interrupts newscast


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I love dogs.


When the news gets so relentlessly bad, it needs its own unicorn chaser.


I love dogs too. Especially the smart ones with a nose for news!


Is this Ukrainian? I notice a subtle inclusion of blue and yellow.



No, it is Russian. The TV is


Probably Putins dog … send by him to ensure compliance.


BBC News agrees - over to their commentator:


Sort of reminds me of our rambunctious office cat who frequently pops in on our meetings, knocks loose objects off the conference room table, sits at the table if a seat is empty, or paws away at the screen projected cursor. One or two sourpusses in the room don’t take to him; heck with them!


How do we know it’s sweet? Have we tasted it?


It’s a Chocolate Lab.

Probably not, but I had to.


The best part was when the big sweet dog interrupted the newscast.


The initial bounce to see what was happening followed by the excited tail wag made my day.


I hope someone told the puppy they’re a good boy/girl


Well played!


“Our top story tonight, after years of investigation, we have finally and definitively discovered who let the dogs out…”


I think you’ve created a new “Russian Reversal” meme: In Russia, you taste Labradors.


DARK Chocolate!

You were SO close.


Labrador licks man, not news.

Man licks Labrador, that’s news!