Putin keeps getting showered in puppies as diplomatic gifts


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If he ever goes down in a coup he’d better hope that whoever takes his spot isn’t a Game of Thrones fan or he might end up getting finished off Ramsay Bolton style.


What will he do with those pups? I can’t help but think he’ll be like Mr. Burns:


I’d love to see Putin get showered by puppies. Or, indeed, horses.


It’s just good manners to buy a guy his favorite meal.


Putin will never go hungry, I’ll sleep better knowing that.


Has anyone found Kadyrov’s cat yet?


Can’t someone train these puppies to pee on him? There’s got to be a way.


Mr. Trump, if you’re reading this, don’t give Putin a puppy. Give him this:



So I really sincerely dislike Putin. But it seemed like while he may not want the puppy, he was uncomfortable with how the Turkmenistan president was holding the poor guy by the scruff. Really, that puppy is way way too big to hold like that.


My brain isn’t working quite right today. I read this headline as “Putin getting showered in puppies as diplomatic gifs.” I am mildly disappoint.


This could become a running gag, like if multiple world leaders are in Moscow for a conference and they ALL bring him puppies and present them all at once.


Now THAT sounds like a party.


Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. Someone said to bring Putin some bitches, so they did in a way.



It’s a litmus test. If he kisses the puppy on the head, it’s Putin. If he sucks it’s brain out of its skull, it’s the alien replacement.

ETA: Er, well, maybe it’s still Putin.


Maybe it’s a tactic. Putin sitting in his office watching the puppy play:

“What a cutie you are, comrade puppy! Chasing your tail in that silly manner! I find I have no time for planning next invasion of former Soviet territory but is OK. I have puppy! World OK as is.”


From what I can see from the Russian press, for Putin the biggest advantage of being President is that he gets to indulge his love of outdoor stuff. The only time he looks happy in pictures is when he’s surrounded by animals. His own dog gets to follow him around most places. I guess he knows they’re not plotting against him.
Brezhnev before he went gaga was apparently much the same. There’s supposed to be a conversation between him and his new economics minister along the lines of:
B: “Do you know anything about hunting?”
M: “No.”
B: “Well, I don’t know anything about economics. So, tell you what, you do the economics and I’ll do the hunting.”

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