Watch Michelle Phillips draw a sketch of The Mamas and the Papas to sell as an NFT

Originally published at: Watch Michelle Phillips draw a sketch of The Mamas and the Papas to sell as an NFT | Boing Boing

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What’s that amount in quatloos?


Cass Elliot was not that much shorter than Phillips. Also, she had a head.


I enjoy some of their tunes, but that seems like a silly amount of money. :confused:


Ok, serious question because I really don’t understand how this works. How can there be 10 NFTs of the same thing? I thought the whole point of an NFT was that it was supposed to be unique.

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Wow. Mama Cass was done dirty.


But, like… the paper is right there. She could sell that and then someone would at least have the paper and could frame it or stick it on the fridge or whatever. And if you want a jpg, well, it’s attached to the BB post. What exactly does the NFT get you? (*)

(* Answer: atmospheric carbon!)


What am I missing? Is this the new crypto? Stick figure NFTs for $10k by a famous person. Hm.

I guess it’s psychologically more compelling to have a single-issue NFT for something like a physical painting, but there’s no requirement to do so - the NFT itself is the unique item, so you could sell a hundred identical digital images, each with a unique NFT associated. This example is kind of like ten limited physical prints of the art, although analogies are tricky because of the abstraction of every aspect.

That’s not to say I understand the attraction of paying for or owning these, but I suppose celebrity NFTs with a charity angle and a non-virtual dinner make more sense than a lot of other examples. I have attempted to grapple with it mentally, because I can see the appeal of owning a 1950s comic over a much cheaper reprint, for example. But I can’t make that final leap into the abstract. I doubt I’d be much fun to be around in the Matrix.

25%! That’s all? Where’d the other $75K go, “administrative fees?”



Knock 25% off the sale price and don’t draw John Phillips.

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Yeah, we know this because her singing came out of it. Bit of an important miss for a picture of the singer in a band.


Ignore this. This is some interview from a band that destroyed itself with drugs and decades of bitterness. I apologise for repeating it ignorantly.

Original post. Nonsense apparently. Sorry again.

Unrelated. I swear. But I only recently discovered that Phil Lynott hired Snowy White to be a guitarist in Thin Lizzy for visual effect. He was a long blonde haired pale pretty man and he thought it would look good beside Phil’s handsome face and afro locks.

Apparently he had barely started playing guitar when he joined the band.


But he’d previously played with Pink Floyd (not to mention other gigs):

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Well that’s me caught out believing Scott Gorham’s version!

Let me look

Hmmm, score settling?

I used to watch Brian Downey and Eric Bell playing in a fairly divey bar on Capel St. (well underage) where I later lived and it’s one of my favourite streets in Dublin but I’m not a huge Lizzie fan. I love vagabonds of the Western World. I always thought Hero and the Madman was Phil went to see Magic Mountain by Jodorowsky in an altered state and tried to describe the plot and setting it to a Funkadelic inspired groove. The more rock stuff is not my scene.


But… But… Cold Sweat is the greatest Thin Lizzie song of all time!

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