Watch Mike Pence's reaction to US House calling for him to remove Trump from power: "Excellent"

That image is valid for every single good thing Republicans have done since Dubya was elected.


Pence is such a little shit weasel. Hearing that he plans on running for president, all I could think was, “Who the fuck does he think will vote for him? The few white evangelicals who haven’t been captured by Trump?” Because no one else even remotely likes or respects him.

My interpretation is that he was saying “excellent” to the bit where they were saying if Pence didn’t act, congress would. I.e. “Excellent, I don’t have to deal with this!” Over and over again, we saw Republicans want Trump out but then pass the buck to the Democrats to impeach and convict him (and then preventing them from doing so). They always wanted both to eat their cake but also have it (while not letting on to voters that they even liked cake).

In the sense that he refused to be part of a criminal conspiracy because he knew he couldn’t do what was being asked of him. But he didn’t tell the FBI what was going on - or anyone else, for that matter. He let it happen, and he supported the conspirators afterwards. He just didn’t want to risk going to jail himself. The whole thing was an exercise in ass-covering.

Still feels too generous given that Republicans since Reagan have more often sought to make things worse. Either they’re trying to prove their core tenet that government doesn’t work, or are specifically sabotaging Democratic leaders. (E.g. ranting about high gas prices while blocking all of Biden’s initiatives to decrease gas prices) When something good happens, it’s more often against their will or by accident.


::dons flame suit:: I’m half considering voting in the republican primary just to vote against De Santis or Abbot or whatever ghoul is gunning for the nom.

Well all know the spineless do-nothing DNC is never going to put a socialist (or even a decent progressive) on the general ticket. Of course I’ll vote for whatever useless establishment Dem runs in 2022 but voting for the least horrible R in the primary might have some effect.


As of 9pm Jn 23, I’m getting “Video unavailable - this video is private”


Yep, me too. Anybody know if it’s captured someplace else?

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"Pence was reacting to a confirmation that his letter was sent to Speaker Pelosi rejecting her ploy to invoke 25th amendment,”

So totally bogus story and Pence again fails to redeem himself.


I prefer calling them Team Evil. Queer people are normal.


Kafaybe, from the background music to the camera zoom drama, it’s professional wrestling entertainment for morons.

Still no healthcare, but look at the drama!..

It is because he was given an out. In her press conference Speaker Pelosi said if he didn’t invoke the 25th, that Congress would have to do something. That meant he didn’t have to even respond.

So, an attempted coup by fascists should just be ignored… Really?



my mega take is…
your introduction to win excel…

did I say that?

I’m not sure how else we’re meant to take your comment, other than the events this is related to are a mere distraction. They are not. People can focus on more than one thing at a time, in fact.


I’m sorry you misunderstood, let me be clearer: Presenting serious shit like a clown show deflects from the gravity of the situation.

This presentation was childish, shot and edited like a reality show to appeal to the lowest common denominator.


Which is the “clown show”? The Jan. 6th committee?

I’m sure you could do better. :roll_eyes:



Well, but you know… it’s the REAL important thing here… I mean, who cares about the erosion of democracy, when this video is aesthetically offensive… /s


… speaking of which, it’s spelled “kayfabe”


I mean, if you are going to do a thing do it right. But, also, fuck this guy

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