Watch: Monkey buys grape juice from a vending machine


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I’m the same way with vending machines too. I’ll start angrily slapping at the buttons until I get what I want


The size difference makes me long for a 5-gallon jug of grape juice right now.


Oh my god look at that monkey buy and drink that juice! So fucking cute.


Just stick a few electrodes in his brain, and you’ve got yourself a neuroscience study!


Sorry, I can’t look at videos like this without thinking of the suffering that smuggled primates undergo, purely for human amusement.


That monkey would make a fine entry level QA engineer.


No kidding. My boss in my first job said my predecessor was a great software tester because would just hold down a key and let autorepeat reveal the bugs.


Researcher 1: “It appears that the monkey feels ‘happy’ when given sugar.”
Researcher 2: “Fascinating.”
Researcher 1: *scribbles on clipboard*





“And this is called consumer capitalism. It will be your job to rebuild it after it destroys us.”


If the monkeys figure out how to use guns, we are doomed.


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