Watch: montage of people in movies flipping the bird

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Was done three years ago by a different artist (and done better imo. As a mashup/supercut artist myself I have often felt that videos from ‘supercutonline’ are cheapo and souless and done to make a quick buck stealing other artists ideas)
Here is the better one:


They forgot Dabney Coleman in Short Time

around 3:13 for double shot

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Not sure Visioneers covers any ground that hasn’t been covered before, but I still think it has a certain quirky appeal that sticks in my mind.


But it’s not just any finger - it’s the longest finger.
It implies that the offender will receive the greatest possible iniquity.
And the balled-up remainder of the hand resembles… well, you know.
Nothing arbitrary about it. Eternities of bitter evolution in the making.

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