Watch movie poster legend Drew Struzan draw Hellboy

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Highly debatable, Mr. Nealy.


Joking aside, thanks for sharing this vid.


Struzan is a master at his craft.

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Correction to the article: The poster is for the first Hellboy movie, not The Golden Army. I have the poster on the wall across from me, and I love it!

This was not the theatrical poster. It was a special edition commissioned by Guillermo Del Toro. He’s a huge fan of Struzan’s posters and got him to do a special edition poster after the movie was released. I gladly purchased one when it came available.

The movie “The Mist” features a number of Struzan’s original poster artworks at the beginning of the movie. I love the whole movie, but that little detail just added to it for me.


Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, the documentary about Drew Struzan, is currently free with ads on VUDU

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“In a world…” is a great movie, btw. I’d love to see a poster by Struzan of all the people behind the scenes.

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