Watch: Naked man walking down a highway is stopped by police


I’ll bet this gets worked into one of Carl Hiaasen’s books. Hiaasen has the pulse of Florid Florida Foolishness better than anyone else anywhere else.


Or the accident caused head trauma. Knew of a guy who was in an accident, stripped naked and walked into traffic where he was then killed. No drugs found in his system, and they figured brain trauma from the accident caused him to lose it.


Hey, you want to hold some fruit?


For whatever it’s worth, +1.


Good point. Poor guy if that’s the case, gets head trauma, and while he’s semi conscious a video is taken of him, it goes viral, and for the rest of his life whenever someone googles him he’s the “naked highway guy”.



(Should definitely be part of Universal’s much anticipated “Dark Universe”.)


I’d read that!


As I read it, his fate was death by excessive creativity.

original thinking > unwilling to submit to majority social norms > deemed mentally ill according to majority social norms > possible actual mental illness > jailed for assault > death by suicide in jail


i think he graduated.


honestly if this dude wasn’t white i question what would have happened to him.

(though it might be hard to say someone was armed if they were butt naked)


Clearly under control of a brain slug. The officer should’ve checked the back of the man’s neck.


Just what IS it with Florida?


Nude dude, shooed.

Rude mood, screwed.


I have images turned off in my browser by default. I could tell by the lede, since it said “stopped by police,” instead of “shot by police.” Of course, the Black Lemonade article was a bit of a letdown. With that tag, special powers or a scientific breakthrough might have been cooler.


After searching through all of Florida we found one spiritually centered individual attuned to nature yet still ready to meet police aggression in kind and you people are treating him like he’s the bad guy!


Now now, everybody deserves their 15 minutes.


I dunno, if what they say about black guys is true, I can see the police officer being mightily intimidated.


Attempted joke in poor taste removed.


You missed.