Watch: Naked man walking down a highway is stopped by police


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Do we suppose if he were black he’d have been shot?


Maybe he thought he was walking through “naked land.”


Very risky to approach a naked man in Florida.



“What’s the deal man? Why are you naked?”

“Why am I naked? WHY ISN’T EVERYONE NAKED MAN??!!!??”


Naked guy would not have drawn much attention on the Berkeley campus.


Oh, but Naked Guy got plenty of attention, as a matter of fact!


Reminds me of an old weird idea of mine: a superhero who only has access to his powers when he’s completely naked.


Not necessarily, but if that did indeed happen, no one would have been surprised.


“Humphries then urinated on the car…The deputy estimated Humphries caused approximately $700 in damage to his car.”

Florida Man’s super power - urine that cuts through metal!


“Because bath salts.”

“Oh, okay then. Have a nice day.”


I feel like I saw this on an episode of Psych.


Whoa! A cubicle-mate from years ago told me of him, and of how the students (at least) were cool with him. Sad story, that one.

Whatever happened to ‘Triangle Guy’ at Berkeley? (A student with incredibly over-developed lats; seemingly that was the only muscle group he worked on… and on… and on.)


For a minute, I could have sworn that this was Invisible Boy’s power from Mystery Men, but he was invisible when nobody was looking at him. Of course, it helps to be naked for that, so he did that too.


I saw it in Breaking Bad. He’s going for the ‘fugue’ defense, so the accident isn’t his fault.

That, or he’s nuts.


The trouble with youth today is they don’t have proper guidance:


But rather than converse with the officer, the fellow walks off camera, screams, and beats up the police car.

I see genius in that move, shear genius.


Seriously, do you have to name people like this one? Just write the story and edit out the name.


Yup, my guess too.