Watch other NATO leaders grimace as Trump claims they owe money


What do you mean “it’s as if” that exact event happened and I did. Wow
Shuck it is as if you were there, and you were one of the guys. Hey! Wait
a second, I know who you are! You were one of the guys and I never got that


WHAT THE!!! Is that an illegal alien from the U.S.? We need to build a wall of kryptonite, and have The Justice League pay for it.


I so came here to find this comment already written and presented.
This one really never fails to irk me. (Maybe it would be healthy for me to care a bit less at this point, but whatever, YOLO right?)


What an asshole.


New Motto: A tank for every henhouse!


Uhm, no. It went more or less like this:

US: “so, we’re having pizza at your house, since we’re already here anyway. Hey, I own a great pizzeria, we’ll order from there.”

UK: “alright, I’ll have two with pepperoni. Here’s the cash”

France: “actually I think I’ll just make myself a salad, but I’ll eat with you”

Italy: “eh, I’m kinda skint, but I’ll bring the best chairs I got, ok? And you can take them with you if you go to the park later.”

Germany: “we don’t really eat, last time we tried I burnt down the house. but you can use my living room.”

Turkey: “you can’t get pizza delivered if we don’t open our gate. We’ll open the gate today.”

Baltics: “dude, I bought pizza from the other joint for 50 years and it was much cheaper. Yours is better, sure, but…”

US: “Alright then, I’ll get a bunch of extra-meaty for everyone. Chip in what you can, whatever. Oh by the way, I like this house, I think I’ll sleep here for a while, ok? So the burglars will always see the lights on and leave you alone.”

Others: “… ok.”

years later, US-Trump: “hey, you never paid me enough for that pizza!”

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Look at that spray tanned shit-gibbon staring down his nose with those sociopathic, slightly askew creeper eyes…repellent.


I think there’s plenty of evidence that “could care less” is just as good, if not better.

But I could care less if you Googled it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s pretty funny, though it shows the dangers of using cute metaphors to make something relatable - it can be taken to the point it not longer really relates to the original issue.

No one is making anyone stay in NATO/pizza party. My 5 points above stand. NATO has been largely beneficial for all those involved, which is one reason why Poland joined the moment it could (granted they have a long history of people walking through their yard to wage war on others.)

ETA - and my over all point, that if allies had more defenses, the rational of us to keep ours so high goes away, also stands.


Yes, that people can miss bits of it. Like the fact that the party is at our house, not the US’, and the US won’t leave even if we ask him to - which I put in the metaphor towards the end but maybe should have been made simpler. I should have added that he’s built like Schwarzenegger so nobody can quite look him in the eyes and tell him to fuck off, and his pizza sometimes is really bad and overpriced, but he’s also kinda funny and he does keep some burglars away, so whatever.

Yeah including the US.


Yes, the US is included in “all”.


I know…but is this an elaborate variant of the “Just look at it” meme?


The 2 percent target is a recent notion - dating from 2006.

And it’s just that - a target (and, as others have noted, an arbitrary one at that…)


Speaking of commitments… isn’t there that Paris thing about Climate Change? These things work many ways!


It hasn’t been for many years. The current standard is 1.5. That is; contain one, win the other.


As I recall, the USA has been in arrears on its UN dues for over 40 years. That doesn’t give Trump a position of moral authority.


What a self-centered A-hole. By the time he’s through, Russia will be our only ally.


Which part of the 3.6% is used for defending it’s allies and which for playing strong-man in the south-china sea, or all those stupid little wars in the recent years, or the drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan … you probably get the gist.

Btw where do we send the bill for cleaning up the mess the USA caused with its 3.6%? State Department or the current office of Mr Bremer? Europe houses hundreds of thousands of refugees created by the US’s adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Can we use the costs as a deductible to our 2%?



Surely it should say Caledonia not Britannia.