Watch: Pikachu starts deflating during dance show, wrestled off stage


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Deflating Pikachu aggressively pulled offstage during performance

Looks like a high pressure gig.


Something something United Airlines something something


How about “The two Pikachu wranglers were immediately given job offers from United and Delta.”?


The term “wrangler” seems really appropriate this time.


I guess they were in such a hurry to get him off stage because they wanted to avoid traumatizing children with the image of a deflated Pikachu, which is kinda cute.


At least they don’t keep inflating. A giant possibly exploding pikachu sounds much more traumatic.


Something similar happened to me once when I was with a girl. A bit of wrangling set things right as well…


Why did it take 9 people?


How shocking!


Especially with flying kids going everywhere!


Why do I know this song?


Tossup which was more traumatizing then. That was pretty ugly. Based on the dancer’s reaction, I don’t think they had much field of view out of that costume, and then suddenly the MIB arrive and want to play mosh pit.


There seemed to be some confusion at first. The first guy grabbed the Pikachu, then the second guy grabbed the first guy. (Perhaps he thought the first guy was a wild pikachu fetishist?)




I wonder if the first guy was a stagehand and the second guy and ensuing MIB response was that they thought he was just some random dude.



I hear there’s a pill for that.


I got yer deflated Pikachu, right here . . .


I didn’t have my sound on. Was it Deflator Mouse?