Deflating Pikachu aggressively pulled offstage during performance


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Go home Pikachu, you’re drunk!


How come Left Shark got a pass, but Deflating Pikachu was hustled off stage?


That kind of violence is just not for me.


Thank the gods something happened– the performance is so boring otherwise.


where is the BB editor? you guys have been recycling stories a lot lately and more recently. this exact article was posted last week!


It isn’t recycling, it is just more than one user posting the same thing and never looking to see what is already up.


Id have taken an air gun to this performance too.


it’s not the users fault i know :stuck_out_tongue: . does bb not have an editor or some system in place for these types of events?


If I was aggressively pulled off on stage, I guess I’d get a bit deflated too.


I’m looking forward to this happening during the State of the Union Address.


This whole thing just reminds me of my last date… :frowning:

badum ching


I’ve got a neighbor with two dogs that love to run to the edge of their yard and bark at people that ride by on bicycles. One of the dogs usually gets so excited that he forgets what all the barking was about and lays into his sibling instead, causing pandemonium as the sibling has a fit trying to bark at the bike and fight off its brother at the same time.

The second stage hand on the scene reminds me of that dog.



You’d think Pikachu just tried to assassinate the president.


One is reminded of the secret service bundling up Reagan after he was shot by Hinkley…


The Washington Post just did an article explaining what happened.

The first person to go on stage to help the cast member off-stage was treated by security as if he didn’t belong, so they rushed the first person, not the Pikachu, off-stage. Basically, it was a security swarm, but it was a security swarm to deal with what was perceived to be an unauthorized person onstage.


That’s hilarious. It’s like the confused dynamic of ants.


I want to see it re-created with those inflatable T-rex costumes!