Watch popcorn popping in super slow motion

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Excellent food porn.


Usually I hate that kind of build up, but this video was everything I’d hoped for and more.
Also, Darren’s pool looks gross. But some super slo-mo videos of the stuff swimming around in there might be interesting.


The dog likes to wait for popcorn while it’s popping. He stands in front of the microwave oven and waits. Almost like watching tv.

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Ok, while we’re all here - how do you make popcorn? I have a large bowl, I put a small cut of butter in along with the kernels… into microwave for about 2:45.

Have also thought about a hot-air popper. What I’m after is giant puffs… what is that secret?

Also, suggest some flavour additions - tempted to buy a shaker with a cheese dust…

As a kid, my friend’s folks used to spray soy sauce over the popcorn, which as I recall was nasty.

It reminded me very much of Trinity and Beyond, the nuclear bomb documentary narrated be William Shatner.

This is the trailer, but only the last couple of seconds give an indication of what the movie is like. Basically, it’s that popcorn movie with atom bombs instead of popcorn…


Needs more butter!

YES! The creature at 1:32 opening its mouth… I saw that too, holy cow this was cool!

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