Watch: promo for new Caitlyn Jenner documentary series

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From documentary voyeurism, to every sitcom having a “quirky” trans neighbor, to terrible reality shows, to acceptance.


And, it’s gone. Mirror?

When I studied psychology many years ago I was suspicious of claims that transgender people are exceptionally rare. Aside from the lack of an actual measurement how many, I wondered, were simply afraid to come out?

I’m hopeful that fear is going away no matter how rare or common transgender people really are.

Or to “tolerance.” I hate that word expressed as a goal in such situations. But it’s good to gather that such concepts as “teach for tolerance” are fading away.

That aside (you can still watch it here), is this going to be a proper documentary series? I hope it will, but I have reservations since it’s going to be on E!

Oh, a member of the Kardashian clan has managed to do something for the sake of a lot of publicity?

Cynicism is certainly warranted with this batch, but are you sure that’s why Bruce went to all the trouble of becoming Caitlyn?

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