Watch: Rand Paul tells students "misinformation works" in resurfaced 2013 video

If you miss information, you end up with misinformation.

Serious a-hole and someone full of hate for the others. Do not want this guy to be my doctor.


Makes me think of doctors that put extra charges on one’s invoice because they know it’ll be covered by insurance.

Isn’t it…not actually that surprising…how the faithful will cheer even the most cartoonishly mustache-twirling examples of utterly unprincipled pursuit of the ends by any means; and then turn around and fret about the utter ruthlessness of the sinister liberal?

(by way of clarity: a naive observer who still believes in intellectual consistency(let’s pretend one exists; he can be the simple country cousin of the ‘rational actor’) would expect either an embrace of the idea that the home team are the ones who are shrewd enough to ‘play the game’ and win; while the enemy team is a bunch of ethically inhibited girly-men; or the recognition that the ruthless liberal schemer also exhibits the ‘virtue’ of a willingness to use profoundly distasteful methods for the cause.)


I certainly wouldn’t put it past him(or disagree with the fact that a lot of people do get away with padding the bill); but that might be one area where he’s actually a little cautious(if he even does any practice anymore).

Insurers, in general, are not overflowing with the milk of human kindness and can turn their efforts to take in as much as possible and pay out as little as possible in the direction of providers as well as patients.

In particular, people getting big-boy criminal charges for attempting to pull stunts on medicare is a veritable genre. People getting away with sneaking a few extras into medicare charges are probably an even larger one; but insurance fraud is an area where, if you attract the wrong attention, ‘misinformation’ can turn into an actually-serious civil and/or criminal case; which isn’t true of a lot of common uses of it.



No such thing exists though.

All we really need to do is look at the history of free and unfettered markets -such as before the Great Depression, and since Reagan. The sheer amount of bullshit and lying about what’s actually happening is astounding.


For every person who would credibly expose cheating in a totally free market, there are far more who would attempt the very same cheat, after seeing that the original cheats had gotten away with it.


Bingo. In the real world outside an economics intellectual exercise, if you think it’s a free market, you just can’t see who is pulling the strings, and you are the mark.


That’s why I regularly put scare quotes around the “free” part.


Free markets!

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The fact that some people STILL fall for that shit shows me just how inadequate our history education is in America. That people still believe that capitalism was built on free people trading goods in a transparent market place rather than violence, exploitation, expropriation, brutality, slavery, etc, etc is mind-boggling.

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My guess is that any boost of performance on one test wasn’t enough to get him through school or enough to kick an otherwise qualified student out. It’s not a trick that would work twice. Given that he was unaware he was pissing off a neighbor enough to get his ribs broken, he may lack awareness of other’s opinion of him. Again, a guess, but the end result of his misinformation campaign was that the other students realized more fully how much of an asshole he was.

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apparently he spent a lot of time on his father’s presidential campaign. so… conservative politics?

( granted campaigning’s not something you normally do in med school, but since somehow he got in without having a bachelor’s degree - i suspect his family connections meant studying wasn’t really necessary )


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