Watch raw behind-the-scenes footage of the CNN newsroom on September 11, 2001

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Turner was always hands-on and present in these situations. He was supporting the staff in China during the Tiananmen Square crisis back when I was working at a CNN bureau. A good leader knows that even hardened veterans can get shaken under duress and shows up to have their backs.


Well I didn’t expect to be triggered by this and now I’m all twitchy and nervous for no discernible reason, thanks … the camerapeople’s anxiety is palpable.


20 years and it’s like “Look at hose cavemen with their vacuum tube monitors”


I had goose bumps for most of the time I listened to this. Hard to believe we’ve had 20 years of this “new normal.”


I… can’t watch that footage at all.

::wanders off to re-center, comes back a few minutes later ::

Apparently, 20 years is not enough time. :sighs:


20 years is half a lifetime ago for me, I was only a few years out of high school when this happened, and I can remember my reaction quite well. I was working on a jobsite, building new student housing for Central Penn College, when the news came on the radio we were using to listen to music.

One of my very first thoughts was, “I wonder if they will bring back the draft, shit, I don’t want to have to join the army.” At this point, no one knew who had done it, so there was a lot of speculation flying around about China and Russia, which was very scary to say the least.


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