Watch Reese Witherspoon teach you some southern slang


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All y’all need to wa watch this vid.


“Sweating like a whore in church”

My personal fav y’all.


What??? That is normal talk y’all.

This is stranger: The Californians




I’m afraid she explained “Bless your heart” incorrectly. Bless her heart.


“Bless your heart” can be an expression of appreciation for a kindness done to you or of sympathy for someone suffering through no fault of their own.
“Bless his heart” or the stronger phrase “bless her little heart” is used after pointing out someone’s stupidity or ineptitude. It’s in the same family as “just sayin’.”


It’s kind of a universal statement of affection, either in a straightforward way to mean that person is good or sweet, or in an ironic way like “you can’t help that you’re stupid and insane”.


“Y’all, pray my friend Virginia…” = “Virginia went and did something scandalous or stupid and I’m about to tell you all the gossip about it.”

Yeeeeeeeah buddy!" - Texan exclamation or vociferous agreement.

The problem with talking about Southern slang is that there is a wide variety of vocabularies (not to mention accents) in the large geographic region called the South. I’ve lived in six southern states for most of my youth and early adulthood, including Tennessee, and I ain’t done heard half of the slang mentioned here.

And when I go back to the South, I can’t stand the accents anymore, y’all.


Not really slang but a southern expression I’m quite fond of:

“That boy could fuck up an anvil.”


Exactly. It can be used sincerely, but in my experience, it’s most often said in a snarky, condescending way.


You said a mouthful! I’ve heard about 2/3 of these before, from relatives in NC, VA, and MD. Some have different meanings and uses, though.


It doesn’t really look like it, but for some reason the set strongly reminds me of the interdimensional lounge in Twin Peaks.


They do talk weird in the south.


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