WATCH: Rockslide turns into massive landslide

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Answers what question I wonder…

“Have we delved too deeply?”


Well I was watching something and then the camera man ran away. I mean I’m glad everyone is okay, but the impact of the video certainly took a hit.


Need a bigger loader I guess.

Dunno. Was there a Balrog?


nature is kinda awesome, in every sense of the word…

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I thought they took away Double Rainbow Guy’s smart phone?

I think the cameraman saw that the rock the size of a house was starting to move, and took that as a good time to flee in terror.


Then no cameraman, he, but a bystander. Harrrumph.

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Trump Fear.

Right now I-75 is closed both north and southbound at mile marker 141 in northern Tennessee. This is commonly known as Jellico Mountain and is the last truly large rugged terrain passage through the Smokies into the southeastern plains states. This is not far from the fireworks store that exploded last year (still not rebuilt…look it up on youtube)
Apparently there was a huge rockslide into the northbound lanes with some large rocks making into the southbound lanes. All traffic has been stopped and rerouted through the area with traffic using US25W.

Is this fireworks store the gigantic supercenter next to the huge cross and the bible store? I think there’s a adult megastore right there too on the same exit.

Yep, you got it. As far as I can tell, the slide is north of that exit and perhaps 1/4 mile away. The northbound lane is 100% covered and it looks like they blocked southbound because of rocks rolling down the new slope.

I saw somewhere else that it was in Idaho. I don’t suppose it makes much difference. That thing was terrifying.

Anyway, I went to high school and college in Knoxville and lived for ten years in Chicago, so I drove back and forth way too many times. That little part of East Tennessee always puts a smile on my face. “We got Jesus. Jesus, and fireworks! Jesus, fireworks, and porn! Halleluja!”

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