Giant rock breaks off mountain and lands in road - captured on video


this is why we need to push rocks over when we can, people.


the guy in the white car pooped everyone’s pants within 550m.


Looks like gravity changes its mind at the last second.

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Whoa, cool! If you’re just seeing this now, wait till you see the one where Charlie bites his brother’s finger.


I can’t tell if the incoming rocks pushed his car or if it was water. But either way that was pretty casual to turn into on coming traffic as rocks and mud come shooting off the hillside at you. I think his balls might have been as big as that rock.

There seemed to be a jet of water that slapped the car out of the way just before the boulder arrived.


After you’ve seen the video, it’s important to rewatch, this time watching the top right corner in the opening seconds…


The fact that you can see the rock leave the mountain top, which the driver may have missed, and then don’t see it again until it follows the fountain of dirt onto the road just ahead of our vehicle is too beautiful. The timing . . .

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“I rest my case,” said the lawyer for Utah’s Natural Wonder Safety Inspectors.


20 minutes later two of your links are dead. Those sites must be BoingBoing proofed.

Oh, but nature’s performance is so elegant. Well worth the wait. Don’t you think?

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that ain’t water. at the moment of impact, the camera-car’s windshield is obscured by rainwater, but this is what swatted that car out of the way:

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Amazing that a rock that size bounces just like they did whenever Kirk went planetside.


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This is the type of event that, before video capture, would defy explanation to people without them thinking that you were exaggerating the details.

The size of the boulder, the proximity of the car, and the tilt back down to the road at the last second instead of rolling over the car are all things that belong in an Indiana Jones movie, not real life.

That being said, WOW, The people in the white car are LUCKY!!! Hope nobody else got hurt either.


Pretty sure there was nothing casual about it. Looks to me like the white car swerved to avoid the incoming smaller chunks of rock and then got smashed aside by some of the ones it failed to avoid.

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“Nature bats last.”


Ah the delicious satisfaction that comes from letting others know you saw something first on the internet! The Charlie comment really drove it home.


Here’s another video showing just how lucky the driver in the white car was: