WATCH: shitfaced hovercraft pilot attempting to land


For extra hilarity, when taking this journey, ask for a ticket to Ryde. The people working the ticket counter will never have heard this before.


Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of hovercraft mayhem in that video?


“I’ll show you how to drive a ferry shitfaced!” - Richard Smith

I’ve seen significantly more mayhem created whenever the Top Gear chaps have given hovercrafting a go.

But of course, they’re idiots.


Well obviously he shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place. But given that he ended up wasted at the controls, letting someone else dock the craft seems like a good choice. As opposed to the staten island ferry approach, that is.

Ohhh, do I hear envy speaking? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, they really are idiots; Latest in a series of gaffes:

Also, what’s with the big red ellipse? It’s as if someone is saying “by the way this is the hovercraft”. As if no one knows what a hovercraft looks like…

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It’s entirely deliberate. They got exactly the response and publicity they wanted.

Although I’d think you’d have to work pretty hard to get someone to even notice the reference, let alone get that worked up about it. I’m not going to be surprised if this turns out to be as fake as the southern US one was.

I wonder if they employed someone to ‘notice’ the plate and point it out to other people?

In winds and gales, hovercrafts are the work of the devil. It’s like being in a washing machine.


I didn’t think someone could make a boring hovercraft video. Apparently you have to be drunk to do so. Just a video of someone properly parking a hovercraft (which they cut) would have been cooler.

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Was not shitfaced. Was simply full of eels.


Must have been exciting there when the whipped it out of the water and onto the pad in about a tenth of a second. Good thing it didn’t run over anybody :wink:

It helped me. I was looking for something that was, well, hovering.

Well the production crew (not the idiots) bought the car and judging by that Telegraph article there’s no evidence they were specifically looking for one with such a numberplate, and it would have been very hard to fake. I agree though, it’s surprising anyone noticed so maybe they did point it out.

The most sensible of the three, James May, was on the radio last week talking about it and was adamant that they knew nothing about it and it wasn’t deliberate. Of course he’s going to say that but he sounded genuine, as did his retelling of their swift exit so I don’t personally think they faked it.

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Please say nice things about dad. He’s got a drinking problem but at least he didn’t plow into anything. Everyone was fine and he is now getting treatment. Thanks.

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