Getting to work on time: FINAL BOSS FIGHT


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So casual, like.


One wrong step and he’s Finnished.

TFW your job looks like a James Cameron movie.


Dealing with that big boy would be a real challenge for road rage folks that wanted to get in his lane.


Another quadcopter video. Interesting to see how that style is popping up all over the place.


at least it’s not bobbing up and down!


Ah, nothing quite like Finland in Spring.


Honestly, that seems way more chill than what NYC subway has devolved into.


Ro-Ro Cargo.


The sheer number of different ways to die horribly that guys was only seconds away from… zero sh*ts given, his field is truly barren!


Explain the tree. That’s a tree there right?


I don’t see it that way. The ship is almost as predictable as a concrete wall. If I told you to grab a rope ladder on a wall at 13 seconds past the minute, you should be able to do that without problems. If he misses the ladder he just walks back on to the ice.

late edit: pilots for the port of Melbourne get on board outside Port Philip bay, using a ladder from a small boat. This looks much safer than that to me.


Can we talk about the snow-tank they left on? Because who here wants to drive a fan-propelled tank? Everyone, that’s who.


this man casually hops on

And Ho-Ho pilot.

(Edited to make the obvious more obvious.)




Is anyone else wondering how many clumsy sailors have been weeded out of the gene pool? Maybe everyone in Finland can do that, no big whoop.

I like his bouncing to get into the groove.


When are they going to fix that system to make the ship wheelchair accessible?


Floating buoy frozen in the ice?

What I want to know is, they left the ramp/bridge there…like this is a regular occurrence. Who has to be delivered to passing ships like that on a normal basis?


A pilot, as said in the video :slight_smile:

A pilot is somebody that is an expert in navigating a particularly difficult or congested stretch of waters, and advises the captain on how to safely traverse that stretch.

Which means that they dont go all the way with the ship, they just get into it for the particular part they are covering. The ship is not going to be carrying N pilots for all the parts of the route.


What’s happening is pretty safe and not a huge deal, it’s just the consequences of screwing up and ending in ice-covered water are far worse than those of falling off a more dangerous ladder into warmer water.