Watch singer Janis Ian, at sixteen, the day she says Bill Cosby blackballed her from TV: "probably a lesbian"

I didn’t say it wasn’t popular. I’m saying it was terrible. There are plenty of example of absolutely awful media (TV, movies, music, etc.) that are popular.


There are plenty of legitimate reasons to hate Bill Cosby. “He was bad at making sitcoms” really just feels like an odd angle of attack. Even if it were true it wouldn’t make top 20 list of things wrong with him.


Yeah honestly I’m not a fan of us sitcoms from that era in general. In fact I don’t really like any sitcoms that much. I actually can’t think of one I like. I watched Cosby because it was on TV and back then one watched whatever was on the screen or avoided the room with the TV in it if when anyone else was watching. I don’t think his show was worse than other sitcoms but I don’t really have nostalgia for it either. I can’t say I liked it. I also didn’t like Married With Children and that was hugely successful. Afaik no one from that show did anything terrible (but I haven’t looked). I never liked Woody Allen. Like never. I grew up disliking him.

We don’t all have to pretend to have lost something when people become rightfully unpopular though. Sometimes it feels that way.

Michael Jackson I did like though. His… journey(?)… was hard to witness.


I loved Schitts Creek. And Mum, with Leslie Manville.


One reason the Cosby show was so popular was that it was exactly like any sit-com about white people, except the family was Black. It let middle America say to itself “see? We’re so advanced, we can watch Black People on tv acting just like us!” Just the way several movies like Green Book let the white audience feel smug self-satisfaction when they left the theatre-“we sure have gotten better these days!”

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