Watch: Snake regurgitates large live snake


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I’m going to wait for the “unpacking” video from Ridley Scott.


I’m waiting for Snakes in a Snake starring Samuel L. Jackson.


Yo, dog. I heard you like snakes…



That was surprisingly enjoyable to watch, mostly because the guy filming and narrating has a clear, calm style. You could show that in a grade or middle school science class to spark discussion.

Now I’m wondering how the outer snake ever managed to capture and fully swallow a snake the same size as he was.



Ya gotta feel sorry for these animals. How would you like it if every time you had to pray at the porcelain altar, somebody whipped out a camera and started recording?


I think we just witnessed the inspiration for several creation myths


Typical teenage snakes. Just buy one ticket to the Drive-In and, once you’re through the gate, regurgitate your buddy.


The miracle of birth!


This is by far the best regurgitation video that I have seen on the internet.


Go home, Mother Nature, you’re drunk.


That’s nothing. Now, if the smaller snake in turn coughs up an even smaller snake, that would be impressive.


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