Watch: South Carolina cop harasses a man for being "suspicious" (as in Black)

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(Just swap the word “suspicious” with “black” and it all makes sense.)

The real threat to public safety? The LEO’s/Cops, it’s a well documented FACT!


I don’t doubt for 1 second this guy was being profiled for being black.

I lived in South Carolina from age 14 to age 24, and was regularly harrased by the cops in my tiny little town. Whenever they pulled me over at night it was always the same “you fit the description of a person of interest”. I found out I was interesting because I was the gay boy who lived across the street from the chief of police.

Leaving SC was the BEST thing I ever did.


Back when I worked for IBM many moons ago, a black co-worker of mine bought a new red 5 liter Mustang when they were the hot thing to drive. I joked to him that he must get tired of getting pulled over all the time, my thinking that the red car attracts attention and not recognizing the other ramification - he looked at me deadpan and said “Yeah, at least once a week.” I realized what he meant and apologized to him. I don’t see things like this the same way any more.


I couldn’t bring myself to watch Tim Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s speech Wednesday night, but I understand he voiced the following sentiments:

  1. “As you can see, I’m a Black guy from South Carolina!”
  2. “I’ve personally experienced racial profiling, such as being pulled over by white cops for no good reason on a regular basis!”
  3. “America is not a racist country!”

I mean… why do you think you keep getting racially profiled then? I just don’t get it.


This position that Tim Scott has been hired to do has a long history in the racist/bigot USA, it pays well, it comes with perks, and all you have to do to keep the job is turn a blind eye to the reality of what is in front of you. He’s seems to check off all the boxes.


Case in point, only two days ago I was stepping off the trolley in San Diego to catch a bus to my credit union, and there’s a homeless guy yelling at the bus driver. An MTS officer just happened to get off the same trolley as me, and walked over to the homeless guy to see what the issue was. Without missing a beat, homeless guy launches into a tirade at the cop, calling him gay slurs and whatnot, and the cop allows him to walk off of MTS property without doing anything to provoke him. Guess what color the homeless guy was?

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Don’t worry folks, the GOP has Tim Scott on the case to say the incident in his home state didn’t involve racism.


Yeah, Scott’s statement was, succinctly, “I am subjected to racism all the time, so I know the US is not a racist country.” And if that summary leaves you scratching your head, good, me too.


Want a way to get AI facial recognition banned. Use videos like this to train an AI system to identify racist cops, As usual, when the wrong ox is gored, they’ll hear the squealing on Mars.


Don’t worry. They’ll just lobby congress and give each republican a million dollars to agree that AI facial recognition should be illegal to use on cops.

Problem solved.


Gotta say, kudos to this guy with the balls of steel, to stand his ground knowing that cop could easily have blown a hole in him with a smile on his face and walk away from all charges.


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