Watch speeding train crash into FedEx truck, slicing it into two pieces


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So that’s why I didn’t get my package on time!


Considering how FEDEX’s distribution network works, the folks just down the road from the impact site probably got their packages quicker than usual.


so is that ellipsis a stand in for “so, yeah, sorry, not sorry.”


Moments earlier, and the train could have hit two FedEx trucks.


Sorry Santa! The good little children get nothing! Bwaaahahaa!




Train - 1

FedEx - 0


For being in the “down and active” state they sure look up and inactive to me.

Also, no horn on the train, which was going really fast… I really don’t think the truck gets all of the blame here…


So this actually happened in 2017. There was an engineer working on the crossing and he left the crossing up manually, and he was fired for it.


Package status: Delayed.


the crossing gates weren’t working properly because of the weather conditions

Well, hey, it’s not like it ever snows in North Salt Lake, UT, right? /s


Package status: Destroyed.


I’m tired of this lazy by-the-book attitude! Synergies, folks! Synergies!


in theory, the impact of the train could have delivered a few packages to nearby doorsteps.


The video cuts out moments before the arrival of this person and these people and this person and this person and…

I hope, if it were me, that I would realize how amazingly lucky I was not to have blood on my hands, and never ever complain about being fired


How do you know there was no horn? The video is silent


Watch speeding train crash into FedEx truck, slicing it into two pieces

Nope. Not something that seems wonderful t me at all.


You are completely correct. I thought I read it in one of the linked articles, but I can’t find it anywhere.


Beat me to it. I think the investigation was what closed last week.