Watch Steve Martin do Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"


I see a teapot but I can’t read kanji; is that Bunbunku Chamaga?


I saw a bunch of those in Japan when i went a few weeks ago. I was tempted to buy a small figure of it but the statue is just so damn derpy lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly I don’t either - my Japanese language learning is waaaaay behind schedule. It was just outside Shimbashi Station:

It seems that where the building now stands used to be a bar district known as Tanuki Alley:


Derpy? But they’re awesome! Supernatural shapeshifting trickster beings who use their enormous testicles as all sorts of usefulness - fishing nets, sails for boats etc - beat that Loki!:


I’m aware of the tanuki, i just mean the statue itself is super derpy and creepy looking lol


I’d probably use the term ‘adorkable’ :grinning:


“This clip lives for eternity.”
Damn internet.

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