Watch: Strong winds in Texas blow this semi truck completely on its side

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I’m in Lubbock and can testify to the power of the wind we had in the area yesterday. Photographer Blake Brown has a good compilation of more trucks getting blown over:

Just across the state border in eastern New Mexico, a train was blown off a bridge:


That video is the only thing that can save that guy’s job.


Amarillo, Texas. The stuff of nightmares.

Very true.


I hope the driver had his seatbelt on, because… oh my god, indeed.


The chaparral just north of town is quite gorgeous tho!

Annnnd looks like the hills have eyes :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


A trailer offers a whole lot of sail. At some point, you are going to tip. Hope the dude’s okay.


Holy moly.

What’s got to be fun is being the next trucker to drive down that road, seeing a semi sprawled out on its side on the shoulder.

Years ago I rode my motorcycle up the west coast of Newfoundland, past this sign at Wreckhouse. Winds have been known to blow trains off the tracks here. Something about the local topography.


Amarillo here. These were high winds, but we get those here from time to time. Highest recorded gust this time was 84mph and sustained around 50mph. Quite a few power lines down and alot of trees down. We’ve had worse, and the next windstorm won’t have as much to knock down. Should be tornado season in a couple of weeks, so there’s that to look forward to, but stuff of nightmares? If you’re into cattle, oil, nuclear weapons and ridiculously low wages, it’s a fine place to live.


The stuff of nightmares.

I’m sure its terrifying for the drivers, but this isn’t what my nightmares are made of.

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I’m wondering it that is the driver picking up the pieces and moving them off to the side. If so, he seems to be more concerned about the company property than his own health, perhaps due to job insecurity.

That torn up American flag at the very end is kinda symbolic. Wonder if Blake did that on purpose.

Jesus, take the wheel.

Njörðr, cut it out already.


Tail of the dragon there, good buddy. 10-4.

that happens on the highway through Washoe valley in between Reno and Carson city quite often. it happened last week, in fact. always scary!

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Footage of large objects tossed by strong winds reminds me of Ron White’s hurricane story:


I wonder if it was empty or full? I’d think empty would be more likely to flip.

Fun fact - my uncle lived in Amarillo. My aunt I believe still does.

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The first time I drove through your town I spent the night and wound up in Stanley Marsh 3’s office the next morning.

The next time Amarillo crossed my path I drove right through :no_mouth:

FWIW I am also from a place that’s better to skip

Also, the end of the video on Carla’s original post: No, No, No! Don’t pick up a piece of big piece of sheet metal in high winds! First, you’re likely to do some unintentional hang gliding. Second, you’re mobilizing a giant flying butcher’s cleaver.