Watch surfers try out train-powered waves at Slater's surf ranch


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Twas gnarly indeed. Left and right brake too…


I couldn’t help thinking of the energy cost. But wow. I’d love know more about the engine.


My guess is it’s on a chain driven by an underground engine.

ETA: Yup, looks like.

Heh, a surfing-sized soliton wave pool. Radical!


I would imagine that’s one expensive toy.


I was hoping that it was built next to some train tracks, and somehow harnessed the energy of passing freight or passenger trains. That would probably mean a long wait between waves though. :grinning:


What’s with all the surfers? Show us the train!


Surf Ranch isn’t open to the public, but it could be [cough, CA drought]expanding?, and so maybe opening to the public[dry cough, CA drought]:

The music in that clip, I had to rinse my ears out with this:


I am surfing right now.


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