Wooden boats and other structures transform into skate ramps


The wooden boat with grinding rail keel is kind of neat, and so is the half-pipe train car. But every time I watch the video I expect to see the rogue rolling stock crushed by an actual train since the tracks look to be maintained and in service.

Yeah, really kind of cool to have access to rails like that!

What is up with the kitchen ramp? Do skaters make ramen and french press coffee while at the park now?

of course they do. didn’t you see all those beards?

loved this video.


If those are the tracks I think they are then to the best of my knowledge they are not in use by any railroad, or at least I have never seen a proper train using them and I have been by them often enough.

good catch, what city is this, anyhow? I’m guessing portland due to grey skies and beards.

on the site’s comments the poster replied to an inquiry about the rails that they were dormant.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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