Casey Neistat visits Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch

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I wonder if there’s any added benefit like electricity generation from the operation of the pool?

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I wondered that, too. It also seems there are missed opportunities for a pool on the other side that generates a wave on the return. Does not seem very efficient at all in many respects. I’m guessing the primary (only) objective was consistently producing a glassy 6-foot wave.

I believe he is trying to franchise it. Seems that they could use a few more engineers for optimization.


Make it a loop, never-ending wave!


I imagine there’s an angle and speed where a surfer could reach stasis in a circular pool, but it would not be as easy to monetize. Even the current setup could double output with a wave generated from the front and back of the train.

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Never knew there were surfers out there that could afford such a price.

No. It’s a greenwashed, power hungry, water wasting project.
An elitist country club.


This is the worlds greatest man-made wave.

Greatest as in biggest and longest but size isn’t everything!

I can understand Casey’s excitement going from surfing the Palm Springs wavepool to Kelly’s within a few weeks.

And sure any surfer would love a dig at a Wave Ranch wave but given the choice I’d rather have an hour at the Waco park or Melbourne’s new Urbansurf.

I’d choose 30 slightly smaller/shorter waves in a session of over a couple of super-long opportunities that can be easily wasted by the dig of a rail.

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“I can’t wait to go to Tullamarine”…said nobody ever before that pool!

The upside of all these prototype technologies is the progression we see in the sport.

I love how the pro sport introduced equal pay for women without the performance level being the same. At least TPTB understood that the performance difference is based on opportunity not capacity.

And look at the progression wavepool tech has allowed. I’ve been surfing for 25 years and love telling my neices how I can’t wait to bust airs like a 13 year old girl!

Edit: For those who don’t follow the sport it’s worth noting these girls are regularly making airs that are not yet being performed by women in professional competition.

Even on camera that dude was way too close to me a few times.

Detailed account with lots of interesting facts? I must have missed that bit somehow.

Close: surfing on a standing wave


I don’t follow the account since so many of the videos that Neistat posts seem to be: look at all the cool things you could have instead of lighting your cigars withh hundred dollar bills. I’m not in the demographic, and never will be. Neistat’s a very capable product videographer, though.

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