Watch: Tennis player keeps trying to embrace and kiss reporter on live TV


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He was going after that, kind’a creepy.


Clobber him over the head? I think she’s the prime height for a very accurate shot to the nuts, which is what he needed.


Why don’t you just sit this one out, Maxime? Hamou banned from French Open


It is very CLEAR she didn’t want any part of it. It was very CLEAR it was unwelcome. I am completely dumbfounded that the studio team was not asking if she was ok, and seemed to laugh it all off.

I do not understand why she did not kick him in the balls.

@MononymousSean good on them for banning his ass.


No doubt he heard some orange asshole say when you’re a star you can get by with it. Sorry Maxxy baby, guess you ain’t a big enough star.


ridonkulous disgustballs.



And remember, folks… when you’re a celebrity, they let you.


From that article, it suggests he hasn’t learned anything from this action:

"I want to offer my deepest apologies to Maly Thomas if she felt hurt or shocked by my attitude during her interview. "

“I am available to apolgise personally if she wants.”

You should recognise what you did was wrong and face up to it, rather than these mealy-mouthed not-pologies.


“I’m sorry she didn’t like my physical assault.”

“I’m available if she wants to come to me where she will again be put in a situation where I can make her uncomfortable.”


A dash of celebratory assault is the stuff of which iconic photographs are made!


That was very Joe Namath of him.


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